Alternative Medicine with Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Frass in Vienna and Burgenland

Alternative medicine treatments effectively contribute to the healing of acute and chronic diseases.

Homeopathy in general 

Simply explained, homeopathy works according to the principle of similarity, i.e. it assumes that medicines that trigger certain symptoms in healthy people will cure the same symptoms in sick people. When cutting onions, for example, many people react with watery eyes and a cold. If a patient suffers from rhinitis with severe lacrimation, the onion may be useful for him. Homeopathic medicines are administered as globules (small balls), which the patient allows to dissolve on the tongue.

Homeopathy with cancer

Cancer patients often experience side effects as a result of conventional radiation therapy. These can be alleviated by homeopathic applications. However, homeopathy can also remove blockages, heal secondary diseases, restore physiological conditions and improve quality of life. We investigated the influence of additive classical homeopathy on the global health status and subjective well-being of cancer patients by means of questionnaires within the framework of a study and found a significant improvement in the global health status.

Article NSCLC

Homeopathy in intensive care

Despite the use of intensive care methods, the risk of life remains high in patients with severe sepsis. The influence of homeopathy has been shown to increase the survival rate. Considerable success could also be demonstrated, according to studies, in patients with heavy mucus production who require a ventilator. The research suggests that homeopathically prepared potassium bichromicum is capable of reducing the amount of tracheal mucus.


PFAPA stands for periodic fever, aphtous stomatitis, pharyngitis and cervical adenitis and affects children aged 0 to 5 years. The disease is manifested by periodic episodes of high fever, a reddened throat, lymph node swelling, and large aphthae in the mouth. The blood count shows high levels of inflammation. By administering globules, the fever can be drastically reduced in many cases and the long-term chances of healing are also improved.


After the first appearance of SARS Covid19, homeopaths worldwide have joined forces to develop suitable preparations for the specific symptoms of the virus. The process is still ongoing, but there are already some medicines and globules that show a first-class effect. In my specialist practice for Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland, I will be happy to advise you on all alternative medicine therapies and methods.