Dr. Michael Frass - Your internist and homeopathy expert in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

As a homeopath and specialist in internal medicine and intensive care, I am looking for individual medical approaches to cure acute and chronic diseases. The stations of my curriculum vitae give you information about my professional competence and my acquired qualifications.


  • 1994 until 2019 Head, Special Outpatient Clinic "Homeopathy in Malignant Diseases", Department of Internal Medicine I, General Hospital of the City of Vienna

  • 1992 until Feb. 2004 Director, Intensivstation 13.i2, Klinik für Innere Medizin I

  • 1994 until 1998 Medical Director Maimonides Center

  • since May 1994 Vice President of the "Medical Society for Classical Homeopathy" (ÄKH)

  • since Oct. 1995 Head of the Working Group for Homeopathy of the ÄKH in Vienna

  • since Jan. 1998 Speaker of the ÄKH at training courses

  • 1999 - 2012 Training Officer of the Austrian Society for Internal and General Intensive Care Medicine (ÖGIAIM)

  • 2001 until 2019 Coordinator of the lecture series "Selected chapters and scientific discussion of complementary medicine methods", Med. Univ. Vienna, VO 560480

  • May 2002 - Dec. 2005 Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Homeopathy

  • since June 2003 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Vienna International Academy of Holistic Medicine

  • 2004 until 2019 Expert in Airway Management and Homeopathy in Intensive Care Medicine at the Center of Excellence in Internal Critical Care Medicine (CEMIC).

  • 2005 until 2019 Coordinator of the free elective "Homeopathy", Med. Univ. Vienna, VO 562 923

  • since June 2005 Director, Institute for Homeopathy Research

  • 2006 until 2019 Member of the planning area + lecturer for the line element "Interdisciplinary Patient Management" (compulsory lecture for medical students)

  • since June 2006 President of the Austrian Umbrella Association for Medical Holistic Medicine.

  • since Nov. 2010 Chairman of the Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom)


  • 1986 Specialist for internal medicine

  • 1989 Diploma emergency doctor

  • 1990 Habilitation, Lecturer in Internal Medicine

  • 1994 Specialist, Internal Intensive Care Medicine

  • 1994 Professorship of Internal Medicine

  • 1994 ÖÄK Diploma Complementary Medicine: Homeopathy

  • 2011 ÖÄK Diploma Accompanying Cancer Treatment